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Welcome to Teleprompter!

Are you ready to tell your story?

"Teleprompter" is a professional grade, multi-platform, free software teleprompter for anyone to use. Click on "Prompt It!" whenever you're ready and control the speed with the arrow keys.

Here are some of our features:

  1. Control the speed with the Arrow keys, WASD keys or the mouse wheel. You may pause at anytime with the 'spacebar'.
  2. Different focus areas allow you to easily use Teleprompter with a webcam, a tablet, or professional teleprompter equipment.
  3. Flip modes allow mirroring the prompter in every possible way.
  4. You can use one or two instances. Mirror one, monitor on the other one.
  5. Set almost any key as an Anchor and instantly jump to any part of the script. Try pressing '5' now!
  6. The Rich Text Editor gives unlimited possibilities on what you can prompt.
    • You can generate and display mathematical equations.
        \bg_white \huge \sum_{\Theta+\Pi }^{80} sin(\Theta)  
    • Insert images from the web or copy and paste them into the prompter. Picture: Arecibo Sky
  7. There are various Prompter Styles to choose from. You may also create your own.
  8. Text can be pasted from other word processors like Microsoft Word® or Libre Office Writer™.
  9. Animations are hardware accelerated for a smooth result.
  10. Press 'F11' to enter and leave fullscreen.
  11. All data is managed locally. No data is stored on our servers.
  12. An offline version can be downloaded for Windows, OS X, Linux and Chrome OS.
  13. Enjoy the ease of a smart fullscreen in the local version.
  14. Close prompts and return to the editor by pressing 'ESC'.

How to use anchor shortcuts:

  1. Select a keyword or line you want to jump to on your text in the editor.
  2. Click on the Flag Icon on the editor's tool bar.
  3. A box named "Anchor Properties" should have appeared. Type any single key of your choice and click 'Ok'.
    Note preassigned keys, such as WASD and Spacebar will be ignored.
  4. Repeat as many times as you wish.
  5. When prompting, press on the shortcut key to jump into the desired location.